SharePoint add comments for each attached document

With SharePoint custom file upload control we can add comments or description for each uploaded file.
for this we have to create a SharePoint Multiline text field to store comments. we can store the comments along with file name. so that we retrieve or save comments with correct file.


and we can handle the comments on the code as below.
var inputtext = document.getElementById("onetidIOComment").value;
            if (inputtext != "") {
                var tdivision = document.createElement("td");
               // tdivision.setAttribute("class", "ms-vb");
                var span = document.createElement("span");                       // Create a element
                span.setAttribute("dir", "ltr");
                span.innerText = "Comment:  " + inputtext;
                var tRow = document.getElementById("attachRow" + i);

                document.getElementById("onetidIOComment").value = "";
    $("#attachRow" + i).find('td:last').css('color','#444');
    $("#attachRow" + i).find('td:last').css('padding-left','10px');
    $("#attachRow" + i).find('td:last').prev().css('vertical-align','top');


// Here we are tying to show the comments on attached documents table immediatly
function AddDocumentComments(){
    var fileinfo="";
    var MyRows = $('table#idAttachmentsTable').find('tbody').find('tr');
    for (var i = 0; i < MyRows.length; i++) {
        var AttCol = $(MyRows[i]).find('td:eq(0)').find('span').html();

        var lastItem = AttCol.split("\\").pop(-1);

        var ComCol = $(MyRows[i]).find('td:eq(2)').find('span').text();
        fileinfo += lastItem + ";" +ComCol + "#";

Now we will include all feature step by Step

Step: 1
SharePoint Custom file attachment control

Step: 2
 Client Validation for SharePoint file Upload Control

Step: 3
 SharePoint error duplicate file ulpoad error

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